Our Project Ranger has been DECKED out!

We are very happy to showcase this DECKED Storage System in our Project Ranger! 

The fit and quality of the DECKED system for our PX2 Ranger is top notch and install was a breeze! We show it here fitted together with our SPORTGUARD Tub Liner which works perfectly with the DECKED system. (factory tub liner might have issues so we recommend no tub liner or our SPORTGUARD tub liner as it follows the contours of the tub perfectly and does not interfere with the DECKED tray system)

This is a very well engineered storage / draw / tray system and is heavy duty!

The trays glide smoothly and open with ease, heavy duty latches on both trays mean your gear is safe and secure! The trays are weather proof so your gear stays dry!

The big advantage to the DECKED system is being able to put a 900KG++ pallet on the back of your Ranger (or any other pickup as the DECKED system is available for most pickups sold in Australia)

We fitted our Project Ranger with the optional "D-Box" Drawer tool box as shown in the last pictures, the draw dividers are optional too!

Check the photos and video out showing how it fits up, operates and the fit and finish! 




These optional draws and dividers can be ordered to complement your DECKED Storage System!

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