Our Project Ranger in RED and quick update on parts fitted!

So it's been a crazy 3 months since we introduced our premium ROLLASHUTTER Roller Shutters / Covers for the 8 pickup trucks on the market (Ranger, BT-50, NP300, Amarok, Triton, D-Max, Colorado and Hilux) 

We originally fitted our development Roller Shutter to our Project Ranger for R&D and its passed all tests with flying colours! It's still on there and has done a lot of hard work... anyone is welcome to come past our Tullamarine VIC shop and see it in action on our Project Ranger!

We haven't done many other mods to the Project Ranger since June due to being crazy busy with the Roller Shutters / Covers so here is a brief update on what's new and old currently fitted to it! 

We have:
- ROLLASHUTTER Roller Shutter / Cover with Black Powder Coated Factory Roller Bar!
- SMARTSTEP Side Steps (electric that retract and fold up automatically) 

- Mustang Style LED Bi-LED Headlights up front

- 4 Piece SEQUENTIAL Tail lights on the back in RED/BLACK style

- Polypropylene Fender Flares with TPO Gaskets

- Dark Tint Window Visors all-round 

- Carbon Pillar Mouldings

- Weathertech 3D Laser 

- 2x 21" BRIGHT RED Wheels in 7 SPOKE CONFIG

- 2x 21" BLACK with MACHINED EDGE Wheels in 7 SPOKE CONFIG


Let us know what you guys think of the RED Wheels vs The BLACK Wheels? Which do you prefer? 

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