They loved our SMARTSTEP Entry Assist Side Steps!

Our brand new SMARTSTEP "Entry Assist" Side Steps are designed to help you and your passengers get in and out of your pickup!

They lower and extend 10cm more than the factory side steps and provide a convenient "step" to place your foot on when entering or exiting. This is especially useful for people who might be having trouble at the moment due to age, size etc.

In this video we demonstrate just how easy it is to enter and exit our Ford Ranger project car! The ladies loved them and said they are a must with the Ranger!

The side steps are smart and close or open with the doors! This is operated by a logic chip and no magnets are used! They have safety built in and close when the vehicle is moving above 5kph or stop closing when an object is detected in range.

They retract (close) to the "SIDE STEP" position and look just like a normal fixed side step which adds to the styling and look of your pickup!

Heavy duty motor, silent operation, smart logic chip, die cast alloy and 300KG carrying capacity per step!

Click here to find out more and see pictures and more videos!…/side-steps-running-boards



  • I will send you a quote on email!

    Bodyline Automotive Restyling
  • Could you please email me a quote for supply of smart step system for my Dual cab PX Ranger?
    Regards Doug Murray

    Doug Murray

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