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Air Design Ford Mustang Body Kit


We all want to be part of something in this life and I want to say that modifying cars can be an option, because they are part of so many cultures and you can belong to whichever you choose.

It is very meaningful for me to express myself freely with my car, whether my culture dictates the style to modify it in a way or that I adopt another culture as far as expression is concerned.

This type of activity makes us free people and makes us part of a great family full of passion for personalized cars.



Air Design Ford Mustang Door Vents


What do we need to feel the real adrenaline? How fast we can travel the roads? The choice of the perfect color for our car? The great feeling you get once you install a series of specialized products to improve the appearance of your car and give it a tremendous personality? Or some other improvements for the performance of your engine that develops more power?



Air Design Ford Mustang Body Kit


When I started modifying my 2018 Mustang, I started buying parts that would improve its  performance but I also wanted to express their strength throughout the outside of my car without losing functionality. I wanted a car that was capable to do more than to marvel the crowd. With that in mind, I started searching the web and I found on the Airdesign page something that it matched all the essence and the perfect aerodynamics I was looking for. I proceeded to buy the whole Boy racer body kit designed specifically for my Mustang with a perfect fitting that surprised me completely because it provided a good aerodynamic improvement with an exceptional style that is not common to find.



Air Design Ford Mustang Hood Vents

Air Design Ford Mustang Rear Spoiler

Air Design Ford Mustang Fender Vent


When it came to choosing the paint, I decided that I would incorporate the two stripes down the middle that reminded me of the car designed by Carroll Shelby, which was the Cobra 65 III.

"It’s really a fulfilling feeling when I drive through my favorite places, in my Mustang full of emotions, culture, and passion"


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