Bodyline Roller Cover maintenance


ROLLER COVER MAINTENANCE - For Manual & Electric models

To keep your Roller Cover in good operating condition, we recommend the following to ensure ongoing smooth operation when opening and shutting the Roller Cover.

  1. Roller Cover Rails (lubrication):

Apply (sewing) machine oil on both sides of the bottom of the rails every month.  

This oil is inexpensive and can be purchased from any hardware store.

  1. External Surface (top) of the Roller Cover:

Use soapy water to keep the roller cover surface clean and free from dust.

WD40 or Armorall can also be used each month as a protectant and will provide a shiny finish.

  1. Cleaning the Roller Cover Canister (water drainage):

If leaves and other grime fall on the top of the Roller Cover, there is every possibility that when retracted, this debris will be pulled into the canister and could also affect the drainage of water from the canister.

When closing the Roller Cover and you notice excess water on the slats, this indicates water hasn’t drained out of the canister effectively, possibly due to debris buildup.

To remedy this, clean out the canister as follows;

  • Completely close the Roller Cover.
  • Undo the three screws from both sides of the Canister Cover Plate and remove it.
  • Clean the debris with a damp cloth, or flush out the debris with a garden hose on high pressure.
  • When the water flows freely through the drainage points at the front of the tub, reinstall the Canister Cover Plate.
  1. Manual Roller Cover Lock:

Apply a few drops of machine oil into the barrel lock monthly.


  1. Electric Roller Cover remote:

Replace the battery in the remote if you notice reduced distance or response time to button press when opening/closing the Roller Cover.

Note: To ensure your roller cover operates in the proper manner,, which is intended the above maintenance should be followed to ensure that there is no warranty issue as the warranty could be voided.


If in doubt or you would like clarification, please contact us or view the Bodyline website. We have prepared the below videos that outline these tips and more for your ongoing reference.