SMM Steel Canopies Australia

Who is SMM (Sammitr)?

Sammitr is the only worldwide producer which manufactures Canopies with sheet steel. The company was founded in 1967, and is a progressive company constantly improving product development and engineering.

Among Steel Canopies, Sammitr produces body parts for the automotive industry, motor truck installations and even small motor trucks.

The result of working with OEM's such as Toyota, Mitsubishi and others, is a technologically advanced and highly automated production process in a world-leading manufacturing plant.

Why is a Steel Canopy the Best Canopy for your Ute?

Steel sheet guarantees, among other benefits, stability and robustness.

SMM Steel Canopies are made from strong pressed galvannealed 0.8mm steel, are rust-resistant and made the same way your ute is!

They are lightweight and feature a 4-stage paint process that matches the steel panels on your ute, unlike plastic or fibreglass, which never match 100% due to the material difference. 

The canopies are load rated and tested using state of the art tooling and carry 100KG dynamic weight or 150KG with approved racks!

These Steel Canopies are made the same way your ute panels are, so why settle for an inferior ABS Plastic or Fibreglass canopy?

Bodyline GWM Cannon Ute Steel Canopies

Bodyline Automotive Restyling is the exclusive importer for GWM CANNON Ute Steel Canopies into Australia. 

Contact us about your Cannon Canopy or buy online here!